Adult Singer & Choir Director

We look forward to welcoming advanced adult singers and choir directors to join us for a wonderful week of music-making and learning. To apply for the course, please ensure that you meet the requirements of at RSCM red-ribbon award. Choral director and clergy references are required. And, remember to purchase your repertoire packet from Lois Fyfe Music.



  1. Be able to sing a hymn acapella

  2. sing a psalm to Anglican/Plainsong; sing 4 verses acapella

  3. Sing an anthem: such as Byrd, Ave verum corpus; Bruckner, Locus iste; Wesley, Blessed be the God and father

  4. Sing a Magnificat from the standard repertoire, such has by Howells, Stanford or Brewer; or sing a solo for worship: such as Rutter, All things bright and beautiful

  5. sightread a hymn

  6. sing back 2 bar phrases

  7. sing intervals: 2nds through 6ths

  8. know your way around a score: time and key signatures, dynamics, note names, other musical terms

  9. know how to interpret the text and style of a piece and know its context

  10. be a regular member of a choir

APPLICATION & Reference Form

Please fill out Adult Registration Form below. Have your choir director AND your priest or pastor fill out & submit the Adult Reference Form. You may email them the direct link below. If you are a choir director, please have another non-related adult who has known you for at least two years fill out the form.

Direct link to the Adult Reference Form to be filled out :